Sunday, July 27, 2014


     In Russia there is a saying: "Steam - in a column!", which we use when we want to say that, things  are rolling full steam ahead. That's what's been going on in our kitchen today!
jpeg (281×179)     Reina's mom, my sister-in-law, Hitomi-san, sent us a whole box of goods. It contained cold ramen, different furikake - rice toppings, and the mix for making okonomi-yaki - savory Japanese pancakes, full of chopped up veges and other, unthinkable to Western mind, add-ons, like tiny tempura or dried octopus and shrimp pieces. 
     Taka and Sonny have been salivating ever since they first saw the bag with the mix. Today, all morning, Sonny lurked on the outskirts of my vision, until I finally asked him, what he wanted. "Ask Reina if she wants to make okonomi-yaki today!" - he blurted out. "Why can't you ask?" "It's awkward!" - replied my very grown up son. 
     Fine, when I happened to be in the part of the house where Reina's room is, I asked her. 
    Chopping, mixing and frying commenced. Together with it came Japanese noises of making an effort: "Urph! Ah!"; pain: "Atsui!" - hot; and confusion: "Mmmmm???". It was all very entertaining
Reina is getting some music to help the process.
and cute, but I under-estimated, how much work kids had to do and how much mess they would make. I managed to stay out of the food preparation, but couldn't avoid mountains of dishes left in the wake of their activities. 

     In the meanwhile, as Reina began working, Sonny slinked away. I noticed it and asked Reina, if she needed Sonnys' help. She made some more of the bright noises: "Huh? No! Mmm.. Maybe, - yes!!!" I yelled for him to come back.
     Roberta sensed that the focus this day was not on her, and she started to watch, of all things, a Korean historical drama, using an external DVD player with her laptop. The thing didn't work well, so, - plus to being involved in food preparation, - every few minutes Sonny had to go to her room to set things right. Did I really say that, the focus was not on Roberta?
     Sonny tried to escape to his room a couple more times, but we were on him
like white on rice. He ended up frying pancakes next to Reina,
over his objections that the kitchen was too small for two people to work so close together.
     Surprisingly, because it was the first time that Reina made them herself, okonomi-yaki came out really well. Judge for yourself!  
Not as professional looking as in site, but quite tasty!


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