Friday, July 11, 2014


   You might've wondered, why I don't write anymore stories about Joon, Sonny's alter ego. Well, one of them began to hatch from my brain-egg. 

images (225×225)  Hanah sat quietly, looking at her IPod. A small, delighted smile played on her lips, her face was full of bliss,
and tears ran from her eyes. The only light in the room was a soft glow of IPod.
(it's really just Hanah in make up)
     Joon entered the room. He emerged into the world just as Sonny's hand touched the door handle. Now he could feel that there was no simple explanation for what was going on there. Hanah came home for a vacation, and ePocalipta was, probably, still working through her, although, after the last battle, she didn't overtly show any of her activities to the world. ePO was Hanah's alter ego, who believed that only the chosen few could and should have a use of the cyberspace.
     Joon, Sonny's alter ego and a protector of humanity, only emerged when his charges were threatened or exposed to non-human influence. He tried to call Hanah's name and even shook her by the shoulder, but she did not respond.
     Joon stooped over and peered into Hanah's IPod. At first, he noticed nothing. The device emitted small hum and light, but there was no images (259×194)      text or image displayed on it. The longer Joon looked at the screen, the more relaxed he became! Memories of comfort and love; inspired thoughts about art and heros filled his mind and heart. He pulled up a chair and sat behind Hanah. It seemed imperative that he keeps staring into the IPod.
images (205×245)images (109×80)     Out of the corner of his eye, Joon noticed that, Hanah slumped over in her chair. Her eyes were closed, but she still smiled and never wiped tears running down her cheeks. Joon noticed all this, but it was as if he saw Sonny's sister from far away. He didn't want to think about her: he was too happy to just sit there, sorting through the warm and inspiring thoughts in his mind.
     The IPod blinked and switched off. At first, Joon felt incredible loss when he stopped receiving signals from the gadget. Then he shook himself up and looked around. He then ran to Hanah and tried to revive her.
     The door opened and Reina, Hanah's and Sonny's cousin from Japan, came in. Together, she and Joon brought Hanah out of her stupor. She offered no explanation for what happened, but seemed healthy and happy enough.

             To Be Continued...

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