Tuesday, July 8, 2014


     Yesterday was the first day for Reina to go to her English class at the Castro Valley Adult School. I can not understand, why her parents didn't just let her get student visa and come to study here for longer than three months. For now, she will have a class just for a month (summer session) and go back at the end of August, since her visitor's visa is good only for 90 days. She will come back in October, which, I think, is too late to enroll in a three months' fall session. What they are thinking - I can't imagine!
     Taka had a four day weekend's holiday, so in the morning we went to bring Reina to school together. He said that, he'll do it every day, and I just had to show him, how to get there. I have serious doubts that he will stick to driving Reina. It'll, probably, be up to me!
     I will also have to make breakfasts for my niece. Taka and I have an arrangement that, he just drinks some milk in the morning. The reasons for it are: 
1. He doesn't want a real breakfast; 
1403787804904.gif (500×461)2. He can be quite impossible in the mornings, and for more than         fifteen years, I avoided dealing with him at that time of the day. After Hanah went to college, I was, usually, able to sleep in until it was the time to feed Roberta. Sonny doesn't eat breakfast and gets up five minutes before it's time to go to college, when he doesn't just stay in bed all day long!
cat_falling_asleep.gif (450×338)     Now I have to (well, I don't really have to, but consider it being a good hostess and aunt) to make some soup and rice (if they are not already made) in the evening and get up early to warm everything up and put it on the table for Reina. It's a drag: I like to be able to sleep at least until eight!
     So, we took Reina to class, and I made Roberta breakfast. Hanah painted a picture for her grandparents and made a card for them in thanks for a gift of money for Sonny and her. She wanted me to send it, but I decided to mat it.  I found a professional framer who did the matting, and the picture just came to life! 
     Instead of being grateful, Hanah bellyaches that the picture now is too big to send  to Japan cheaply. Yesterday, we went to the UPS store. The lady behind the counter told us: "It'll be $48.00 for the packaging and four twenty eight for sending it to Japan!" "$4.28",  - I thought - "It's not too bad!" 
tumblr_inline_mx8yh3oz1i1r3v1o3-977b33ace8251dd9bee913e7ba56eebc.gif (500×276)     "All together it''ll be $468.00", - the lady continued. I carefully took the picture off her scales, allowing my heart rate to subside and my eyes to return to their normal size. "Thank you, very much," - I croaked, while nudging kids, who were gaping and gasping like fish, to the door. 
     Our optimism, somewhat, diminished, we drove to the post office. At that time, Roberta announced that she wanted to take us to lunch. We went to a little cafe. I and Reina were not hungry, but Hanah and Roberta had some crepes. 
That-yawns-exhausted-me.-Think-I-need-another-nap-now..gif (320×179)     The line at the post office was huge! When we finally made it to the window, we found out that they will charge about $60.00 for that package. Hanah unpursed (is that a word?) her lips and became more cheerful! Unfortunately, she didn't think of asking Sonny (our designated expert in Japanese) to translate and write the grandparents' address (he took a car and left for his class). Hanah could, of course, call Reina, who stayed in our car, but she was too lazy - or loath - to ask her cousin to do it. "We'll just come back here tomorrow" - she said. "You know," - I answered - "YOU will come back tomorrow! This is your business, to send things to your grandparents. I am just helping you!"
     Hanah pouted at that a bit, but by the time we arrived at our next destination, she was fine. 
     It was a Chinese store. 
     I needed a few things. Girls, Hanah and Reina, helped me gather them together. As we came to the car, though, Roberta, who was waiting for us there, came out and with urgency inquired if the store had a bathroom. I took her there, but someone was occupying the facility. 
     Let's just say that, I don't envy the next person who'll go in there after Roberta! We met him, in fact, - I passed to him the key to the restroom, - as Roberta whispered to me: "Let's get the heck out of here - as soon as possible!"
     She is 81 years old. These things happen to her very seldom, but the age asserts itself, and, sometimes, she has an accident.
     At home, I told Taka that he had to drive Reina to her evening class. I had to help Roberta to take a shower and get herself together again. I also tried my best to calm her frustration and embarrassment. Hanah and Reina both lived close to their grandparents to know that such small accidents happen to the elderly (to everyone), and I am, unfortunately, well aware of that too; so all of us understand her situation. 
     The day was very full. I drove and shopped and cooked and had a chance to educate and nurture my family. All in all, it was a good day! 

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