Sunday, July 6, 2014


     People froze where they stand. Dishes and knives hang in the air, where Magnito raised them to strike at his enemies. A young man flies around the big kitchen faster than anything, rearranging bullets and fists to miss his allies. On the way, he casually flicks his finger through some soup, that also hangs frozen on it's way from a falling pot to the floor to check for flavor. Time in the Bottle, perhaps one of the most mellow and romantic songs ever written, accompanies this tense, violent scene, making us roar with laughter and sing the song out loud!
     When Mary called to invite me to see X-Men, Days of Future Past, I was not very inspired by her choice of the movie. Now Mary and I  were laughing and gasping at what was going on on the screen and having a marvelous time.
     The day started with us all going to the church. A man and his wife whom we know there asked us to come with them to lunch. The husband is American and the wife - Japanese. 
     We went to a local Japanese restaurant. The meal was good and plentiful; we had a stimulating conversation. 
Here we are, - a waitress took our picture after the meal.

          Mary called me to go the movies together, as Taka was driving us home. Once there, I quickly assessed the situation: Roberta needed lunch, kids already ate and Taka just came from a restaurant with me. I invited Hanah, Sonny and Reina to come to the movies with me, but the first two already have seen it. Reina decided that she didn't want to go with two old fogies - Mary and myself. 
     That's how I ended up in a movie theater.
     Although, officially, Mary and I were going to go swimming after watching the film, we decided that it was better to just go have lunch. As I drove up to the restaurant, Mary already arrived, and I couldn't believe my own ears: she was standing in the parking lot with an expression of earnest longing on her face and singing - what else - Time in the Bottle! That's when I took that picture of her.

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