Thursday, July 17, 2014


Quickly, before I have to go again, I want to show you how we spent the last two days with Hanah in the house.

See this little spot on Sonny's hand? That is all that's left of a puncture wound which he received while trying to squish trash in the garbage can. He didn't know, there was glass there!
He washed and put iodine on it, but a few hours later began to complain about pain. For the last week we watched The Grey's Anatomy, and now, of course, all of the stories from those series about a simple wound turning septic and killing a patient, came to mind. 
I tried to keep a cool head and said that, Sonny should take some pain medicine and wait for a while instead of rushing to the hospital to spend at least a few hours moping in the ER. Hanah, my drama-queen, insisted that, he has to go to the ER and get sutures. Taka vacillated between our two points of view, but the gist of his thinking was: "I can just drop Sonny off at the ER and pick him up later!"
I wanted to argue further, but
  1. If anything bad did happen, I didn't want to be the reason for it;
2. If Sonny had to go to the ER, I was not going to just leave him there alone or even with Hanah, like Taka suggested!
3. Life was bigger than my point of view. My children and the relationship with them matter to me more. I could relinquish control and take Sonny to the hospital.
We walked into the the Emergency Room at 10 pm and left it at about 12. Not bad at all! The doctor declared that Sonny didn't need any sutures (mother is always right!). My kid felt quite sorry for himself, especially, after all the horror stories he saw in The Grey's Anatomy, but it soon became apparent that, everything will turn out to be OK. 
Sonny got his wound scrubbed, went to have an x-ray and took his discharge paper to a window in the wall. 
The man there said: "It'll be $100.00. How do you want to pay for it?" I saw apoplexy on my second-born's face. He didn't think that a little visit to ER will cost him any money! Even though I wanted to torture him some more, I stepped in with my wallet. 
Mother is always right!

I'd better take a break here: this story took longer than I thought. 
To Be Continued!

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