Friday, March 28, 2014


     I took a couple of selfies to send to my doctor. I was writing to her to say how miserable I was with gout and ask if there was anything else I could do or take to make it go away. Taking pictures seemed like fun, but I was scared by the result.
     Was this really me?! I was on the diet and enduring pain and terrible inconvenience, in part, to look and feel better. Instead, I feel and look dead! My skin is gray, my eyes are drawn, it's hard to stand in a shower for a necessary length of time, so my hair is unwashed. My God, why the heck am I going through all this?!
     Let's see... I lost about twenty seven pounds by now. My blood sugar levels stay low, so I don't need to take Diabetes medication every day. I stopped the cholesterol medication long time ago. On the other hand, I finished a bottle of Tylenol in these few weeks. What damage it has done to my insides - who knows! 
     By the way, my doctor was only able to suggest that I take Naproxen, another pain medicine. I told her that my diet precludes taking drugs like Naproxen, but she still insisted that I can have it with food. Today the doctor who takes care of me on the Weight Management Program called to say that, he also saw the message that I received and absolutely prohibits me to take Naproxen!There is still nothing they are going to do about gout, but, at least, the doctors finally sorted things out for themselves!
     Later that day I showed Roberta the photos I took of myself and asked if that's how I really look. She was shocked and assured me that I don't. "That's it!" - she said, pointing at a different picture in the folder - "That's you!"
1551554_10202192105678153_441088919_n.jpg (160×160)
That's better, don't you think?

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