Saturday, March 1, 2014


     I had a few interesting dreams lately. Do you believe that our dreams can contain some meaning? Like, if they may be a warning or a mirror of what's going on in our psyche? If so, one might have a really good time deciphering mine!
     I'll tell you about one of them. Actually, it was quite disjointed, so there could be a couple of different dreams.
     I was I, but didn't look like me. Sometimes in that dream I changed roles and genders even! What was funny, is that, it looked like some movie comedy: people running after one another, getting confused and creating some hilarious situations. 
     I was walking around what looked like medical buildings or college campus. Sometimes I visited a psychologist, but I don't remember, what was said. Imagine a scene, if you will: I walk with my family (none of them look like real people from my family) up and down a grassy hill. We walk single file, and a counselor that I mentioned, tries to catch up with us. He has to go pretty fast, because we are far ahead of him. At one point, we run, and he runs too. Then we get mixed up with another group of people going the opposite way. When we extricate ourselves out and continue on our way, the counselor gets confused and follows the wrong crowd! 
     It looked quite comic: all that chasing and confusion. Just now I looked up the meaning of being chased on the internet-the-all-knowing, though, and it said that a dream of being chased signifies that one is trying to avoid a certain idea. Since it was a counselor that did the chasing, I began to think that, perhaps I am not all that sold on the ideas that Mr. P. is proposing. What is it that I am struggling with? The thought that I am addicted to food, like one may be addicted to drugs? In my heart I know that it's true. I just am not serious enough yet to acknowledge completely! The funny mood of the dream also suggests to me that I am taking my situation too lightly.

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