Saturday, March 22, 2014


     Life is not so bad. Park left and stays out. Roberta, who always confused me with her relationship with him, began to really dread the possibility of him even showing up. She asks me to lock the door when I leave her in the house (don't tell anyone, but we've been forgetting to do so for days). I asked her, if she is afraid of him or is just uncomfortable seeing him after their break up. She answered: "Well, he never slapped me around when we lived in Korea..." 
     I was speechless. My jaw wouldn't move, when I tried to talk. I heard that the victims of abuse often hide it, because of the perceived shame. But -  this woman insists that she had education and a job as a psychologist. She has to yet make a healthy (emotionally) decision concerning her life with Park! I would've gotten rid of him long ago, had I known that he hits her! 
     Anyway, we move on. 
     My foot is painful again. I do the most necessary tasks, but - mostly - try to rest it. Mary, with whom I used to go to the pool, stays away and silent. Why? I have no idea. At least, she could call to find out, how I am doing! I wrote to her once, saying that we should get together sometimes, and got a polite, if a little cold, reply back. I don't know if I am making things up with her. Long ago, she and her family moved away from this area. We were friends then. She totally ignored me for the next ten years or so! I also didn't know the reason for it then. I tried to respond to her every expressed need before she left... What was it? It still bothers me to think about it. Maybe, I should talk it out with her! 
     I have to go and give some blood today. By that I mean that, it's time for my weekly labs (the Weight Management Program requires us to do it every week). Better start getting ready! God bless, see you a little later! 

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