Saturday, March 8, 2014


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"No drama: if we want drama, we'll go to the theater!" 
     That's what Mr. P. says. Sometimes I feel that there is too much weird and unusual stuff happening in my life. Sometimes I thrive on it. Since meeting Mr. P. I began to look for more routine and ordered life pattern, bit it does not work out that way.
     This Saturday began with me trying to sleep. The top of my foot felt like a cat was scratching it on and on. Every little pressure - the blanket, sheet even, - brought annoying, unending pain. As soon as I began to doze off, Taka got up and went to bathroom. A minute after that his alarm clock that I can never figure out started to play a repetitive melody. I attempted to go on sleeping, but found it impossible. Taka, obviously, had a serious business in the bathroom, so I was stuck listening to the irritating tune.
     I got up and went out into the living room. There I sat down under the blanket and closed my eyes. Foot stopped hurting in a different position and a blissful drowsiness swept over me. 
sleep_thumb%255B1%255D.gif (500×299)     Park Bustled out of the room and moaned when he saw me. He moaned even louder when he saw that there were some unwashed dishes in the sink. The banging and clanging commenced, every sound conveying the little man's disgust with my inability to keep clean house.
     I went back to bedroom. It was easier to fall asleep now that the alarm was off. Taka woke me up at 9.
images (284×177)     On Saturdays I go to the pool with Mary. My foot being still in bad shape, I called her and asked if we could just meet for coffee, but in half an hour it became apparent that I wouldn't make it. I called and invited Mary to come to my house. We spent a couple of hours chatting happily and assuaging our appetites with salad. We are both on the Weight Management Program. 
     An hour or so after Mary left, I became aware of loud yelling. At first I thought that it was Dr. Park berating Roberta again, as if she was a little girl. It was Taka, though, yelling at Sonny.
     I don't even know, what the reason was. Taka kept on it for at least two hours. Sonny showed up in the living room carrying his laptop and a backpack. He took my car keys and left.
parent-yelling.jpg (636×423)     I am of a firm opinion that a nineteen years old man can go wherever he wanted to avoid his dad's ranting. If Taka didn't keep up the barrage of accusations for so long, I would ask Sonny: "What did you do?!" As it were, I only asked him to be careful on the road.
     Sonny's voice  sounded panicky on the phone a little while later: "I sat in the car at the parking lot by Don Castro [a large wooded park near our house]. When I tried to turn the car on,  - it wouldn't start!" 
superman_s_bowl_by_tsotne_senpai-d5wstml.gif (600×250)     What to do? My first instinct was to go to Taka for help. Then I realized that it would make Sonny feel bad to rely on his dad after he (Sonny) walked out on a fight. I, like Mr. P. says, "put my cape on", meaning that I decided to be the one that will save the day. It's a weakness of mine, you see, to charge into a situation to help the underdog!
images (272×186)     It was already so dark that, I couldn't see, who was in the cars parked in the parking lot by Don Castro. I think, I broke up a few romantic interludes by stopping in front of somebody's car and shining my headlights at them! Finally, I saw the last vehicle that I didn't approach yet. To my relief, it was our Honda with my boy in it. 
jpeg (220×229)     It was just the beginning of the drama! I had a chance to jump car battery once or twice before, but it was a long time ago. On one occasion, I connected the belts to wrong points and saw them shiver and fray as electricity destroyed them! This time it was dark, I had Sonny for an assistant,  and he didn't even know how to pop the hood open. I lost confidence in our mechanical abilities a few times, but Sonny managed to accomplish one more little thing every time after  I said that we should call the towing truck.Thank God, I remembered to take a flashlight with me! I dropped every thing that I happened to hold in my hands: the belts, flashlight, my glasses, my phone and Sonny's a few times, but then we, actually, connected belts and started Sonny's car. 
     Now, Mr. P., tell me again about having less drama in my life! 
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