Monday, March 3, 2014


     How am I doing? I am crawling around the house with a cane (gout, remember?), time to time getting brave and making a meal or picking stuff up. I am pretty sure that I will soon come out of my "glum". Roberta needs looking after. I began to call Sonny "Cinderella" (just kidding), because he has to do all the things that I can not do, like vacuuming, washing floors, going shopping, etc. 
     Taka is in his usual, when I get sick, place. He refuses to make any allowances for my being incapacitated and gets angry that I can't give him my full cooperation. It might seem like I am just whining, but this morning, as he was leaving the bedroom (I was still in bed), he stumbled on a big pillow that I use to prop my foot up when I sleep. I yelped from pain, because my foot reacts with a stab when it's jostled. He didn't only apologize, but also picked up the pillow and, without paying attention to some outraged and agonized sounds coming from me, pushed it to the side. He then walked out of the door, probably, thinking that he was a poor, poor man, having to work in such hostile environment!
     It's four o'clock in the afternoon, and I have to get ready to go to get food and be weighed. I do it every Monday. Since I couldn't go swimming  or exercise for two weeks, I don't expect great results. But - I am still pushing forward. I just need someone to help me push! 

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