Friday, March 14, 2014


     If a tree falls on your fence does it make a sound? 
jpeg (275×183)     One thing for sure: it made a big impression on Taka! The mentioned tree fell on our fence from a neighbor's yard three months ago. I talked to an insurance adjuster, also - with some snaky sounding dudes from the insurance office. I took care of things, cashed a check that they sent us and put it all behind me. Not my husband!
     The insurance adjuster, you see, noticed that we have a renter on our property. I got a phone call that they will not renew our policy, because it does not cover houses with rented rooms! We began to look for a carrier, but everywhere I called there was some snag. Finally, I called our present company and said that we stopped renting a room. Their response so far was, to give them some letters supporting that fact. Everything seems fine. Why is Taka still talking about it then?
Brave1.gif (430×301)     "We didn't think that tree will fall, but it did," - he keeps saying to me - "we didn't know that our policy doesn't cover rental property, but it turned out to be so. So, we need to make sure to avoid the situations which, we know, can endanger this house or our lives!" I am annoyed with him going on and on about it, but grateful for his farsightedness. 
     Mostly, this "we didn't think, but it happened.." tirade occurs when we talk about Park. We both want him out of here. Taka - because Park is unstable and can become a real threat. I - because he showed scathing disrespect for me and Roberta.

images (295×171)     Park moved out. He is house-sitting for a friend of his. He informed us in one of his visits that, he has to take care of two cats, a bunny and a small dog in that home. The dog already escaped, and Park had to retrieve him from Police Station. No matter, how many times I tell him not to run after an animal that escapes from the house but instead try to lure them back with some food, he doesn't listen. Chickie gave him a merry chase a few times. I came home once to see a UPS delivery man standing with his mouth open by our gate, watching an elderly Korean man (Park) go round and round the house after a cat! Anyway, Park is finding out for himself how cold it is out there, without a friend giving him a cozy room and chance to live in a family. 
     The fact is that, all these discussions with Taka take place in a calm, reassuring manner, with a dose of humor injected whence the annoyance threatens to break through. I am thrilled that we can co-exist peacefully. It doesn't mean, of course, that we reached familial bliss. I know that there must be so much more in our relationship that we didn't tap into yet!
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