Thursday, March 6, 2014


     My dear Red Headed Monster came to say goodbye! Her dad lost his job and decided to look for a better place to live. As they say in Russia: "A fish seeks a deeper place and a man seeks a better one..."
They are moving to Seattle, Washington this Saturday. Sveta, the mom in the family, sorted out the house and is giving away everything they won't need in the new place. The Red Headed Monster, Katya, gave me a nice big hug, as she came through the door and handed over a few books: "Herbal Medicine" in English and ""КУЛИНАРНАЯ КНИГА ЛЕНТЯЙКИ", which in Russian means, "A Lazy Girl's Culinary Book". Her momma came in with a baby carrier, her two months old boy blinking at me and smacking his lips, like he thought that I was a tasty respite from his mother's milk. He filled out since the last time that I saw him. Sveta put the carrier on the floor, where the baby's noises attracted Chickie's attention. He met a small person only once before, and it didn't go well. My friend's kid was in a crawling stage of development, and
Chickie thought that it was some animal, who invaded his territory. He (my cat) still had his "family jewels" and was quite aggressive. My friend (or so I considered her at that time) snatched her son up just in time to avoid him being scratched. I never saw her in my house again!
     This time, Chickie showed only mild interest. Still, I interfered in his making close of an acquaintance with the child!
     We spent time chatting comfortably. I could hardly believe that I was losing my one Russian friend. I wished that I was a better support for her. A few months ago I wrote:
     "Each person needs to learn to emit a sort of a gravitational pull, like planets and stars do, like God does, to keep and take responsibility for those in their sphere of influence. The happiness arises from an assurance that you are there for each other no matter what". 
     Well, I know that, I couldn't sustain this kind of commitment to Sveta and her family! Because of sickness, or being busy or, sometimes, just unwillingness to stretch my comfort zone a little bit more, I didn't do my very best to be a friend to her! 
     Katya played with gadgets, as usual. This time I didn't rush to protect my laptop or a phone or a camera from her. Time to time, she would run to me and ask for some treat that she is used to receiving in my house. Feeling completely inadequate to this time of saying good bye, I let her get away with too much. 
     Sonny called to say that he was coming to a Subway station soon, where I was supposed to pick him up. Sveta took it as a cue to get going. We hugged, I tried to say a few words of encouragement, also ask her and Katya to write. Nothing seemed enough for that sad moment, yet, my heart refused to open and let me feel the full impact of our parting. I will, probably, begin to process it later and have a good cry. 
     Good bye, friends! Bonne chance!


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