Tuesday, December 2, 2014


     Hello, my dear readers. I waited for an opportune situation of which to write, and now it presented itself. 
tumblr_mgwqskkMi31s0soqwo2_500.gif (452×345)jpeg (145×138)     Today we went back to the Food Addicts Anonymous' meeting. Just now Taka asked me, where I was, and, after hearing the answer, remarked: "In Japan, if you become a great Master, you can just eat fog!" 
- "I don't think, that will work for a food addict." - I said. 
- "But, if you become a great Master, you can ride on a cloud!"
     I have to meditate a bit on Taka's reasons to want me to become a great Master and ride a cloud. In the meanwhile, I'll tell you about the FA Meeting.
     Mary went to a meeting by herself on Sunday and, I guess, realized, how much better it is to do it together. She proposed to pick me and Roberta up today to bring us there.
     Last time I attempted to go there, I ended up standing on the street, awaiting a AAA truck to get my keys out of the car. I knew, I have to go back there, but it took Mary's offer to overcome the pain of my emotional baggage.
     Today everything went well. We came early, but all the parking places by the building and opposite to it were occupied. Poor Mary left us at the curb and went to look for a parking spot. 
     In the beginning of the meeting a leader said: 
- "Hello, my name is .... . I am a food addict. Are there any other food addicts here today?" We all put our hands up. Roberta, after a glance at me, did so too. She never eats if she is full. Except for sweets, food is really not that important to her. I, actually, hoped to leave her at home, so I asked her (before we went out), why she wanted to go to the meeting. She replied, she likes the opportunity to learn about strengthening her character. What could I do? I would not deny someone such a chance!
tumblr_mnljsf6KaJ1rxevt4o1_500.gif (500×281)     And so, here she was, readily jumping onto the bandwagon of the food addicts! I guess, my look showed that, I was surprised, because she leaned over and very loudly asked me: "What did that lady say?"
    I tried to stifle my laughter, but couldn't. To my acute embarrassment, I tittered loudly, just when there was a quiet pause in the leader's speech. 
  "I am so sorry, I really apologize!" - was all I could say. 
     After that I tried very hard to focus on the testimonies of the meeting participants. Although the FA uses a lot of the AA's and Al Anon's principles, the testimonies can go on as long, as a speaker wants them to be. Still, it was very valuable for me to hear, what others went through and realized to be able to use the program efficiently. The first and very important thing to understand was, it is not a diet. What makes it successful is the adherence to the spiritual side of it.
     We have to acknowledge, we are powerless over our addiction. For some of you it might seem like a cup out, but, try as I may, I can't - and other addicts can't - master their addictions without the outside help. So, we have to come to believe that, "the Power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity"
     Historically, the atheists blamed religion for being "the opiate of the people". Is it weak to rely on God? Are the followers of religious faiths wimps?
     Some people at the meeting were very fat. Some were quite thin. The very thin (120 lbs) leader assured us that, without following the spiritual principles of the program she could not consistently follow it's more external rules. She lost 130 lbs , but feels, her more important achievement is her connection to the Higher Power, which she calls God. I didn't see anything weak in that person's demeanor or story.


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