Wednesday, December 31, 2014


     Hanah and Reina left on the same day, the 29th. The day before we went shopping and I bought a lot of the treats for our Japanese family. We also purchased some clothes for Hanah. 
     The shopping trip was the last straw for my legs. The knee became sore and unwieldy, and the ankle on the other side began to complain too. Because of that, Taka and Sonny took Reina to the airport the next morning, and I stayed home to say goodbye to Hanah. Shae-the-giant came and drove her away. 
Now I am left to feel ... what? .. Sadness? Relief? 
     There was a lot of work with Reina. She needed to be dropped off and picked up at the airports - I 'm not kidding you - eight different times in the last six months! Besides that, I was the one to take her to BART, the Bay Area Subway system, almost every day. I am not complaining, though (especially, if she or her Japanese relatives will read this post)! She was kind, tactful and fun, and I enjoyed having a young girl in the house.
     By the way, did I tell you: her younger sister is coming to stay with us in August, while she studies English?
     Hanah spent a week at home, mostly, laying on the couch, listening to her music, watching videos and snoring. I didn't get to watch my programs at all, but that's a small thing. Time to time my whining would suddenly reach her, and she would help me with the housekeeping. Her dad's and my eyebrows never descended below our hairlines, while we saw the obvious connection between her and Shae-the-giant. Alright, alright, she told me, he is gay, and I'm suppose to think: there is nothing  going on between them, but its hard to swallow. Taka, actually, realized
something like that only now, and I had "the joy" of explaining things to him, while not being 100% convinced myself of the innocent friendship between Hanah and Shae. They tell us to "trust the child"!              Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! (that was my heart-rending scream).
     With all of these "splinters" in my soul, I loved to have my first-born with me. She seemed a bit more loving and relaxed, even with Taka. Usually, Hanah very quickly takes offence, even at some legitimate parental remarks, but (and I want to think, it was my gentle guidance) she was able to talk to Taka and  joke with him! 
     And here we are: both girls are gone, and I am now girl-less! 

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  1. Не обижайтесь на детей...

    Не обижайтесь на детей,
    что не пришли, не позвонили.
    Не обижайтесь на детей,
    что подарить цветы забыли.

    У них своя земная жизнь,
    такого темпа мы не знали,
    их быстроходный поезд мчит
    в другую жизнь, в другие дали.

    Умейте отпускать детей,
    не прицепляйтесь к их экспрессу,
    умейте отпускать детей,
    у них другие интересы.

    Свой тихоходный экипаж
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    и если в силах — помогите
    на быстроходный поезд сесть.
    С дороги вовремя уйдите.

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