Wednesday, December 17, 2014


     How am I doing? I keep my diet (mostly), I lost some more weight, gained a pound or two back and lost them again. diet+gun.gif (250×315)
     I can't go to meetings, because there is no parking near the building, and I, on my painful leg, can't walk far. Roberta needs to be let out and brought in, before I can go and park the car anywhere. All this makes me very reluctant to call the sponsor. 
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     I didn't call her in a week. Christmas and the New Year's celebrations are coming, so I know, I will eat the stuff, at which I shouldn't even look! That's not a joke: I will do my best to abstain from binging, but I have to postpone serious participation in the program until January. Then I can either start again with the same sponsor or get another one. 
     My tests came back and the results are not very good. Blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid levels are up, even though I don't eat almost anything. I went back to Kaiser today, stood again in the, familiar to you by now, l-o-o-o-o-n-g line at the pharmacy and paid $ 81 for all of my medications, including the antibiotic, which I was supposed to take yesterday. Perhaps, I will feel better soon!
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