Wednesday, December 3, 2014


images (220×229)     The first day on the program is almost over. I called Ileana at 6 am and got some instructions from her. Since I didn't have anything, what was recommended for my food, I decided to use this day to prepare. It sounds fishy, I know, but I didn't even have the scales to measure food. I took Sonny to BART and then went shopping. The first stop was Target, to buy the scales. Roberta, who usually is very undemanding and understanding, today seemed to spend inordinate amount of time choosing her jewelry before we could leave home and then stopping to check out every piece of merchandise at Target. I told her, she'd get tired if she went there with me, but I could see, my words fell on deaf ears.     images (259×194) We found the scales easily, but she decided to go look for some buttons. We crossed most of the gigantic store before a sales clerk told us that, they don't sell buttons!

jpeg (255×198)     I now needed to go grocery shopping to get my non-fat plain yogurt, veges and fruit, but Roberta would not give up her desire for buttons. I, finally, found a store for them; we located the buttons she liked, stood in a dismal line to the only checkout clerk in the store, then she got hungry. By the time I bought food, I already forgot about buying groceries. In fact, I just remembered about it! I also left the scales in the car's trunk. As I tried to measure my accomplishments for today, I realized that, I didn't do anything, my sponsor suggested. What a start!
   tumblr_mdc5j3oe2i1riiw1do1_250.gif (250×180)  I was mentally scolding myself and rooting through some papers on my desk, when I found a phone list from the Food Addicts Anonymous. Hey, I could still call someone! The first three numbers I dialed didn't bring any results. The fourth one rang and rang. A lady answered it and was totally psyched that I called. She made me feel at ease, told me to look to God for support, and call, when I needed an advice or a firm smack on the rump.
     Yay! I did something: I called!

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