Monday, December 15, 2014


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Mea Culpa!
     I didn't call my sponsor yet. I will go to a meeting tomorrow evening and try to talk to her there. In the meanwhile, I am controlling if not what I eat (its hard to cook so many different meals), then - the portions. So far I lost eight pounds.
     The rain is falling constantly. Our garden
is verdant-green, and some beautiful flowers start to grow. 
     Taka decided to buy a bush of holly instead of the Christmas tree this year. A tiny potted plant came, as it was declared on the
package,"directly from the growers",  but it turned out, "the growers" took some extra time and care to tie plastic berries on the, otherwise, un-berried bush! Taka is doing his best to make it look better by setting some lights to shine on it... At least we can plant it in the garden after Christmas!

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