Thursday, February 13, 2014


     I told him! He should've listened, but, of course, he didn't. I said: "I'm not waking you up tomorrow morning, you have to do it by yourself!" Guess what? An easy guess, right?
     I walked to Sonny 's room and shouted inside: "S-o-n-n-y?!" On the third try I heard a mumbled: "Wha-a-at?" "When are you going to get up to go to school?!" 
     There was no answer. He is still in his bed, as far as I know. 
     How hard is it to set an alarm clock? 
     Today I'll meet with E. She is the lady from my church that is looking for a husband. I am trying to help her. She put her profile on a Christian Dating Site. Everything was going fine, there was a gentleman who was interested, asking for her to call or e-mail him. Then - suddenly, before she could respond - he was gone! I don't understand it! Poor E., I hope that she will take it in stride!
     I am having trouble following the diet program. I lost ten pounds, but it's very hard to overcome the habit of eating real food! Plus, apparently, I have no will power, whatsoever! Today is a new day, I am going to keep to the diet and avoid temptations. If only I could go to sleep at seven in the evening. Then, if I try to get up before the morning, Taka should just bump me on the head and put me gently back on my pillow. That'll work, because I, largely, succumb to my gluttony after seven pm! 

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