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31bM2SWoc5L.jpg (250×250)     And so I made a small step toward getting better. Today I and two of my friends went to an informational session at Kaiser Permanente, explaining the details of their weight management program. It was very nice and personable, with just twelve people attending and two doctors who did the explaining.. Basically, the program is for a year and a half. Four months of it are spent using Optifast nutritional shakes, bars and soups (made from powder, brrrgh) instead of other food. It guarantees the intake of only 960 calories a day. Every week there will be a well check: the weighing, blood pressure and other tests taken, as well as an inspirational talk. If a person sticks with a program, they are suppose to lose 2-3 pounds a week. Not bad! All that is done with the doctor's support and supervision. 
     The only variable in that program is I. Will I cheat? Will I follow the guidelines? And if I lose the optimal amount of weight, will I continue the lifestyle that will prevent me from gaining all those pounds and a few more of their friends back? 
     The program is not cheap. It'll cost more than $4,000. Will I just throw all that money and effort away by cheating? Perhaps, this time, with the help and as the result of my sessions with Mr. P., I will be able to have the necessary will power to make myself better. I hope so!

Dina Meyer Toyoda
     Well, if you wondered, why I wasn't reporting anything about my progress on the Weight Management Program, it's because I had to postpone entering it until the end of January, this year. Ever since then I got my shakes and bars and soup (brrrrgh!) and am living on that fare. 
     How is it, you ask? I'll tell you!
     I have to eat nine (9) times a day. The shakes and bars are not bad tasting. I manage to have seven - eight mealtimes. NO MORE THAN THAT! There is no hunger, but...

     All of my food is sweet. I tried soup, but it was disgusting! I really crave some MEAT! PASTA!! MEAT!!!
     The truth? I cheat. Like for drug addicts, it's important for me to know that, I will have a little something of my favorite food. Like with drug addicts, it works better for me if every evening I have a small portion of something that I love.
     Today was the moment of truth. We had to be weighed. As I sat in the waiting room, one by one people from my group went into the office and came out with victorious shouts: "I lost 7 lbs!" "I lost 9 lbs!" - etc.
I had a terrible foreboding in my heart. I cheated! Maybe, I didn't lose any weight! Maybe, I lost just some measly couple of pounds!
    My turn came. My blood pressure was better than a week before, despite all the worry about the consequences of my evil ways. I got up on the scales and promptly, probably subconsciously, messed up the scales' setting. After the long-suffering nurse restored it, I looked at the small screen reading with trepidation..: I lost ten pounds! 
     I feel great! I have to drink lots of water, like, a lake of water every day, but otherwise, I can do it!

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