Sunday, February 16, 2014


     Are there such things as soul mates? I don't know! I, certainly, hear and read about amazing love stories, but it didn't happen to me yet, or, maybe, I just don't recognize it. Hmmm, what do you think? You've been privy to the secrets of my marriage for a year or so. Does it look like true love? 
     I don't think so. Perhaps, it will develop into something deeper, truer. I hope! It would be a pity to die without experiencing it!
     Last night I heard tremendous noise from Roberta's and Park's room. He was shouting at her and banging on the walls and door. I overcame my lack of desire to get involved in their family affairs and went to see, what was wrong. The door was locked. To my questions whether everything was alright, Roberta's reedy voice replied: "Yes, everything is fine!"
     A little later she came wobbling down the ramp into the living room (I had ramps installed for my dad's ease of movement). "Dr. Park got upset that I signed your time-sheet again. He said that, I was lying to him. I was not lying!" 
     These two don't make any sense to me. Park can't object to me getting paid for taking care of Roberta: it was a part of my and her agreement and a reason why she pays such small rent (for both of them, I might add). He himself consented to that! Now, the little girl Park, gave in to his bitterness about someone else getting paid instead of him and threw a tantrum. He stormed out of the sliding door that led from their room to the street, and Roberta locked it behind him. She also locked the door into their room from inside the house and asked me to do the same with the front door. In an hour, I heard Park's key in the lock. "Why you locked the door?" - he asked boorishly. I answered sweetly: "It's nighttime!"
     When Park couldn't open the door to the room, he asked me to do it. I said that, since it's Roberta's room, she decides, who visits her. He stupidly went to Sonny to help him undo the lock, but, to Park's consternation, I told Sonny to go back to sleep.
     He, finally, convinced Roberta to let him in, saying that he wants some of his things and will leave after that. Of course, when I came to check on them in a while, Roberta informed me that he will spend the night there and will leave in the morning.
     Well, it's 12 o'clock of the following day. He spent the night and will spend more, because he talked Roberta into letting him stay until the end of the month. 
     I was so sure that this would be the end of the Park episode! Too bad, Roberta was almost rid of her bully. We get what we take, after all, and she is still willing to put up with him!


  1. Regarding whether you will have a happy marriage. The past is the best indicator of the present and future. A marriage cannot become the way you want it to be by remaining the way it is. I.e., not implementing improvements.

    1. You are right. In my post I asked to see the readers' opinions on what's going to happen between Roberta and Park. I have no doubt that, only by working on my own ability to clearly see the world and myself in it and with good attitude towards myself and others, I can hope for better relationships. On the other hand, ...