Monday, February 17, 2014



      It's been a while. I didn't see the Little Red Headed Monster's (her human name: Katya) red curls or small crafty face or hear her brother Hyosha's congested: "I want to watch TV!" for a long time.Today Sveta called and asked if they can visit. Honestly speaking, I was about to go to take a nap, but it's the second time that she's been trying to come here, so I didn't feel like I could say "no". 

     Six year old Katya was the first one to barrel into me across the threshold. After a hug that I got from her, I didn't feel sorry for myself anymore. She has such vivid coloring: bright red hair, fresh perky face, big eyes. Her brother came next, smiling shyly but already with a request to turn on the TV on his lips. 
     I was a bit slow on the uptake today. Katya managed to grab my camera and started to click every button. As I rescued it, she found my phone. Hyosha was bumbling with a TV remote control, while his mom took the baby to introduce him to Roberta. I continued wrestling with Katya over every conceivable gadget, which was unlucky enough to attract her attention. 
     Sveta brought strawberries and Pistachio nuts, so I quickly served them on the table together with popcorn. Strawberries, actually, didn't make it: Katya snatched them and took to the living room, where she and Hyosha proceeded to gobble up every one of them, he putting two of them in his mouth at once, sometimes. 
     I tried to ignore bad behavior: they are not my children, and I can't go around teaching them. The question remained in my mind, however, why their mom let them do things like that. But, - again: not my business!
     Sveta let me hold her one and a half months old baby boy and went to get something out of the car. He was very cute: same red-blond silky hair as his siblings, tiny upturned nose and prominent
top lip. He looked at me with resentment at first for taking place of his mother, then began to try to grab my finger with his teeny hand and grimace in agitation. I brought him to the bedroom, where Taka worked, and said to him: "Look, what happened, while you were not watching!" Taka cooed at the baby and turned back to his favorite wife - the computer.
     Sveta claimed the baby back and let him suckle at her breast. I made her a cup of tea, but the kids took all the treats for themselves. Still, we had a relaxed chat about many different things and she didn't seem to be concerned about me not feeding her. 
     The Red Headed Monster lived well to her name's reputation: she finished the berries and came whining that there weren't enough of them. Sveta brought more out of the car, and they also got snatched to the living room. Katya kept coming back to us, though, with her face getting redder and redder from strawberry juice. She sighted Pistachios, and almost carried them off as well, but mom put her foot down this time. I told the Monster to get a bowl from the kitchen for her brother and gave her a top of the candy box with a puppy and a kitten on it. They filled those receptacles with Pistachios, but Sveta and I had to defend the rest of the nuts for the remainder of the visit.
     Baby drunk some milk, then some more and some more. The little bug had a hollow leg! In between feedings he worked on something very hard: his small face showed supreme concentration. We heard the fluid fart soon enough, and Sveta now had to change him. He grows fast: his first clothes are now too small for him!
    In a mean while, Katya  was taking seriously her mission of using up every interesting item that she could find in my house. She spotted a bottle of Chrystal Light Liquid. It's made to just squirt taste and color into water. That occupied her for a long time; she even went and talked her brother into asking for some Chrystal Light drink so that she could make it and bring it to him.
     The visit ended on a bitter note.  I meted out four cents for her and four - for Hyosha. Katya lost one of  her pennies and whaled loudly about it, obviously trying to get me to give her one more. I said that, I didn't lose it and will not give her any more shiny coins. She calmed down miraculously fast and meekly put on her shoes, proving to us that, kids like discipline and will follow the rules, if they are being enforced! 

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