Tuesday, February 11, 2014


     Should I write about the Weight Program and myself? About Park, and how he manages to turn pretty good days into shambles? What about my exercises at the pool or my family? 
     I celebrated the loss of ten pounds by having a nice snack. As our teachers at Kaiser explained, at this stage, living on shakes and bars, our bodies learn to exist without fat or carbs. When I cheat and put usual food in my stomach, my body doesn't know what to do with those elements. So, it reacts. Today I met a lady for coffee, whom I'd like to see as my friend. All during our conversation (and it was very pleasant and fun!) I fought the desire to burp. After leaving her, I went to the grocery store. I don't know if I ever told you, but I have, what I call "an immigrant's curse". Don't get scared, it's not contagious, but very, very uncomfortable. Whenever I go to the store or a library, or some other place where I have to make a lot of choices, I just have to go to the bathroom! And it does not look like a casual little trip to the powder room! I think, I already trod a path sprinting through our local store to that particular facility there!

     Today, my usual "immigrant curse" event combined with the consequences of my evil behavior. Let's just say, I am grateful for such wide availability of public toilets in the U.S. and the growth of the hygiene industry!
     The situation with Park now became a chronic pain in my side. Oh, he starts smiling and talking to me a few days after his regular blow up. He still digs holes for me to fall into. He gets mad at poor Roberta for all kinds of stupid reasons, like going out with me and not staying in bed waiting for him. He yells at her for making the room smell, when she uses toilet, even though, he is a guest in her space, really! I am tired of his highly arbitrary moods and decisions, but she would not make a final cut: tell him to go and live somewhere else. Does she love him, perhaps? She tells me that she can't stand him, but yesterday she bought him a Valentine's Day present! I have a feeling that she is trying to play both sides...

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