Thursday, March 3, 2016


     I don't quite know, what to tell you...
funny-gif-lost-girl-map.gif (220×165)     In my quest to become a better person and feel better, I lost my            direction. 
     What made me happy before? What transformed my life for the better? It was writing. I never felt more energized or fulfilled, than when I let my thoughts fly between my mind, fingers and the keyboard. 
   anigif_enhanced-buzz-21650-1395074788-5.gif (490×269)  How did it happen that I lost the desire to write? I thought about it and came to a conclusion: I let people's moods and attacks influence me too much. Those of real talent and the future rarely allow someone else come between them and their art.
     Not that I consider myself an artist. I CAN write, but lack the drive, which accompanies the true mastery.
     So, I will start over. Perhaps, I will find inspiration again. Will you, my readers, help? I need your input in a form of comments! 

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