Thursday, March 3, 2016


     Trump's been on my mind. 
trumpeyebrows.gif (249×287)     How can someone of such, obviously, vane character win the public's favor? Are we that simple? Desperate? Empty-headed?
DonaldTrumpThreeWives-ADING.jpg (308×318)Over the years Trump was many times in the news. We heard about his ridiculous marriages to the sexy blondes and his divorces. He came on talk shows and told us about his marital woes. He was also quite outspoken about the politics, but swore, he won't run for the Oval Office. 
     Now that clown, who constantly pushed himself into the spotlight, is a forerunner for the place of the most powerful man in the world! 
     To tell the truth, I don't like the alternative either! The thought of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency sends cold shiver down my spine. With her she'll bring back to the White House her husband and his gang of liberal thieves.
images (240×206)     But - back to Trump. What has he actually done to secure our confidence in him? He is a rich man, but only due to being born into the money and his natural bluster, when it comes to getting his way. He has bad taste (and judgment) in marriage and relationships. All he wants, it seems, is to be in the spotlight. 
images (309×163)giphy.gif (480×360)There were leaders like that before. They shouted louder than anyone else, didn't consider their actions and words and... managed to sway the public opinion their way. The results were usually felt around the world: strife, grief, pain, death. 
     Silly, right, to believe that such unsavory characters become our leaders? 
     We love to please. We cringe away from uncomfortable encounters and allow ourselves to be bullied or swayed by stronger, but less than trustworthy personalities. That is not enough to excuse another poor choice that mankind is about to make in putting Trump into the Oval Office.
     Let's make an effort and avoid that mistake! Ted Cruz? He might not be the dream president, but at least he is not the nightmare, which Trump will for sure turn out to be! 

                 Go out, be informed, agitate, vote! 

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