Saturday, March 26, 2016


Z (275×183)     If I could master the energy I put into some unimportant events for the things I really need to do, I'd be OK!
     For Purim Sonny decided to make challah. He is a good baker, 
so I didn't doubt his success. For some reason I decided, making Hamentashen - Purim cookies - was more important.
jOnfwli.gif (400×352)
     I went to the store for some necessary products. Sonny and I looked up the recipe, made dough, Because we don't have all the tools for baking, we had to improvise, like rolling the dough out on a piece of foil, with me holding it down to keep it from bunching up under the pressure of Sonny's tiny rolling pin. It took Sonny a few tries to get the thickness of the dough just right, and he was all tuckered in by the time his role in the cookie-making was finished!
     I made some peach jam before (some of it burned, and the pan with black remains of it is still soaking in the sink). It came out OK, though, and I used it or poppy seed mixture to stuff the cookies. I was able to make them into the right shape by checking out the pictures on the internet. 

     The next day Sonny still decided to make challah. He made dough again, and I expertly braided the two loaves into the desired shape. Taka came home from work and began to nose around kitchen, looking for something to eat. Good luck with that: making challah took a lot of time, and I didn't make dinner yet. 
     "Ding, ding!" - the oven alarm told us that bread was done. I decided to flip the loaf onto a towel on my hand and, if knocking on its bottom produced a hollow sound, it was really cooked through. 
bfr6S3O.gif (450×338)
     Unfortunately, bread was still not done. I prepared to flip it back into the pan. At that moment Taka decided to put forward his needs. "Can I eat this? Huh? Can I eat this?" 
     Sonny and I were crowded next to a stove with a hot loaf of bread in my hand and a hot pan in front of us. We both got distracted by Taka's insistent questions, and I grabbed the out-of-the-oven-hot pan's handle with my bare hand. Taka was still asking about food, in spite me doubled over in pain in front of him.
     "Oh, sh..! Leave me alone! You could've said something comforting, you know!" I wasn't  fast enough getting a grip on my temper. The words were out, ringing at Taka's back, as he made a hasty retreat to his office. I let Sonny deal with challah, as I stuck my stinging hand under cold water, trying to calm down.    
     Maybe, if I kept my priorities straight and made dinner on time before doing anything else, this whole pathetic situation wouldn't have even arisen. 
     On the other hand, the worst part of it was, Taka didn't have it in his heart to have compassion for me. I am the closest person in the world to him, and he treats me like I'm completely unimportant. He'd, probably, be more concerned, if a stranger got hurt in front of him. 
2Q== (192×263)      The rest of the evening was gloomy. I couldn't bring myself to do the Holiday activities with the family. I held the cold pack in my burned hand and tried waded through my painful thoughts.
     I guess, I wouldn't make a hero, like Queen Esther! She ignored her own pain and danger to save her people. 
     Taka would make a good tyrant though!                                                      

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