Saturday, March 12, 2016


I found this Russian poem and translated it, because it accurately conveys my feelings about losing friends.

"For some years I hear
footsteps down my street:
my friends are leaving.
My friends' slow departure
pleases that darkness
behind the windows.

Oh, loneliness, how hard
is your character!
Gleaming with your metal
compass, how coldly
you complete a circle around me,
unheeding of the useless pleas!

In your forest let me 
get up on tip-toes  
on the other end
of a prolonged gesture;
find the leaves and bring them
to my face and perceive
loneliness as bliss...

And then, from the tears and from
the darkness, from
the poor ignorance
of the past - my friends'
wonderful features
will reappear
and - again - fade away."

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