Thursday, March 3, 2016


     I am thinking, what to tell you about the events in our family.          The main thing that happened before I stopped writing in January was my baptism. I am very happy that it happened: a relationship with God or a spiritual aspect are the roots of our lives. 
Pledging my life to Christ
     When we went to the church, where I was baptized, I met a lady, who told me, she took pictures during the ceremony. "I cried all through it" - she said. 
     So, here it is: one of the most important moments of my life:

     Hanah is in Arcata, still working on stage design in a couple of plays. Before she left, I made sure, she had a working phone, and had a talk with her, trying to express my need as a parent to know, if she was alright. It's been more than two months since then, but she totally ignores my attempts to communicate on the phone or online. To tell the truth, I am getting pretty angry about it!
     Sonny works at Macy's. He sets out signs and plasters on price tags for sales. Most of the time it works for him to take my car to work in the early mornings some days of the week. Taka somehow feels, that job is not, what Sonny needs and it takes too much toll on the car. Fortunately, Sonny learned to not take his
dad's, sometimes, arbitrary opinions too seriously. he still works at Macy's. He also does chores at home to "pay" for his room and board... after I threaten him for the nth time with immediate eviction or withdrawing his car privileges!
Roberta and Chickie
     Roberta ... Roberta is losing ground. Sometimes she forgets, what was said or what happened a minute ago. This is a typical conversation with her:
     - She: "What day of the week is this?"

     - I:      "Wednesday."
     - She: "Where is Taka?"
     - I:      "At work."
     - She: "On Sunday?!"
     I am despairing for her. She can't remember the names of her parents, children and grandchildren, whom she raised.
piraña.gif (500×285)     Recently she had to have one of her teeth removed. It didn't go as badly, as I feared, but my patience now is at an end. Not only did I have to repeat the same information every few minutes of the day, but Roberta's usual good attitude gave way under the assault on her dental work, and she declared with absolute finality, she will not let the doctor take out another tooth!
     My friend, Mary, got sick, and the mahjong sessions on Tuesdays were postponed indefinitely. She also doesn't call or write me. I hope, it's not an attempt to break our relationship. At the same time, my friend in Russia, with whom we wrote each other almost every day, stopped writing me as well. I might need new friends!




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