Thursday, April 16, 2015


     tumblr_n1o576GrWP1tsu9xao1_400.gif (400×225)      Did I ever tell you, my readers, how much I appreciate your comments? 
     Recently a lady left me a note in a comment section below the text of the post, telling me a little about her situation in reference to what I wrote about Sonny. I can't tell you, how much that moved me: that a person would take time from their busy life not only to read my unworthy scribblings, but to share their opinion with me!
     We are nothing without the reciprocal relationships, which sustain our human need for acknowledgement and, yes, support. Why did God create this Universe? I believe, also for the sake of a reciprocal relationship with His creations. Divine or human, we crave the word, the touch,.. the wink, the look, - that would let us know, there is someone out there, who hears us.  
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