Thursday, April 30, 2015


     As they say in Russia: "Things go on, the office is working..." In preparation to going to Hanah's graduation, I decided to freshen up my hair-do. By that I mean, I wanted to re-dye my hair in some different hue as soon, as I did it in January! One more visit to the Beauty Spa salon, and: voila!
     Instead of the orange clown hair, I now have brown-orange-purple-hued mess on my head!

Ah, the heck with it, as long as we have our health... yea...

     Sonny's beard lately began to resemble that of Ivan the Terrible. On one side of his chin, for some reason, the hair stuck out.

Last night, in the spirit of making changes in our appearances, he shaved the beard, but tried to experiment with mustaches.

Not bad, but he looks to be about thirty years old!

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