Monday, April 6, 2015


     Amid the frantic search by Taka for Sonny's online institution of higher learning (my opinion that, Sonny should think for himself and go to work instead of wasting more time on something he doesn't seem to want to do, as usually, was left unheard), Roberta and I didn't make it to an Easter Sunday
Service. She woke up late, with a cold and miserable. We decided to go to an evening service, despite Mr. P.'s attempts to get us out of the house and into the church in the morning. 
     Since the evening service was to start at 5 pm, I realized, we won't be able to have an Easter dinner with a honey baked ham, bought by Roberta especially for that purpose. No worries: we can have an Easter lunch!
     I began to prepare for it early. Peeled and cooked potatoes. put ham in the oven to warm it up and even managed to dye some eggs for the ambience! A couple of days before we had a small Passover meal, almost as prescribed by a Jewish custom. There are still two boxes of matzo on the shelf! I resisted the call of ham in the refrigerator until yesterday, trying to give some small due to my ancestors' heritage. 
Holy Days in a mixed heritage home.
Matzo and wine (juice) for the Passover and
colored eggs for Easter
Green egg and ham?
     Just as it was time to put lunch on the table, I ran out of steam! The table was still dirty and cluttered, the potatoes needed to be mashed. I yelled for Sonny. 
     He knew, he was in the doghouse, so he came without even a murmur. Together we set the table. It was nice to be able to also attend to the Easter traditions!
     It was time to get dressed for the service, but, guess what? Neither I nor Roberta had energy to do it! We took it easy on ourselves and stayed home. 
     An evening at home was just what the doctor ordered. 

                                        They are fuzzy,
but, watch out!
Sylvie is on guard, protecting her home from an outside invader.

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