Sunday, January 11, 2015


     Not much to report here, unfortunately. We are "mired" in the routine, I'm afraid, and its hard to get out of our lazy ways.
     Easy life... Stay up late, watching TV or messing with the routine.gif (300×243)    computer (playing Scrabble on the internet, reading and writing blog, checking out the Facebook). Get up late, make breakfast for Roberta and go back to the computer. Because of the knee problem I can't spend much time on the household chores, so - its even easier for me, right?
     Seems great, but what is this feeling of unease, scratching at my soul? I know, I'll pay dearly for taking it easy now: pay with my health, pay by reaping the consequences of the things postponed or not done. 
11003807.gif (500×275)     Mr. P., my counsel, and I figured it out: my resistance to normality, to the common sense which life demands, stems from my mom's dominating and controlling ways. But she is gone, and I am left to struggle with myself for every small, common sense thing that I need to do! 
     It can't go on like that! 

EqRSb.gif (499×281)

                                                Get up, Dina, get off your ample behind and get moving! Today I will call Mary to go to the pool. I will watch, what I eat, repent and give God my thanks and ask Him for help. 
     Love and blessings to all of you!

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