Thursday, January 8, 2015


 Sylvie has a soft spot. To make sure, she is soft all over, but in my "demon kitty's" heart there is one preference: I, myself. She often looks at me longingly, like she is saying: "I 'd really like to go to you, if I was sure that you want me!" 

     Most of the time I welcome her expressions of love, be they a thorough rubbing of my shins or guiding me to bathroom and ecstatically greeting me there by rolling on her back on a mat in front of the toilet bowl (thus preventing me from reaching it), or jumping on an arm of the couch where I seat and passionately licking every exposed piece of skin. She just did that, and I responded by scratching all her favorite places. While doing it, I glanced at Chickie, who was sitting on the floor in front of us. 

    He gave me and Sylvie a really dirty look ("I tried to lick you earlier today, and you rejected my advances! I just spent an hour sleeping by your side and now you are petting this... female!") Yes, I could see it all on his face!
    He then proceeded to lick his butt, which further confirmed that what I saw on his face were his real thoughts. 

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