Sunday, January 4, 2015


A strange dream. 
     Together with some other people I was preparing someone's funeral. We were expecting the arrival of the deceased, so I kept looking out of the window. Then I saw people pushing a bed along the street. The mattress kept sliding off the bed. I hurried to them, and we managed to get the bed and the mattress into the alley, where the funeral parlor was located. Unfortunately, the lady, whose funeral it was, and who walked behind the bed, refused to come along and wanted to go the a bar, instead!
     Then it turned out, those, who brought the bed and the lady, lost my rug. Why I needed a rug at a funeral, nobody asked! I was getting frustrated, because none of them would take responsibility for my rug! We finally found it folded in a suitcase, which was also brought to the funeral parlor. 
     Perhaps, the dream means that, I am already doomed and don't want to acknowledge it, like the dead lady in my dream, still trying to have a good time? 
     A disquieting thought, for sure!
     My parents lived until they were in their eighties. That's just thirty years from where I am now! The way the time is flying, it'll be here before I know it! I am not ready to "hang up my spurs", but so wasn't the lady in my dream!

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