Wednesday, January 7, 2015


  Cats are at odds today. To me it seems like, it's enough for Chickie to just pass Sylvie to make her hiss and spit like a hot griddle, but, on closer observation, I can tell that he (Chickie) is up to no good! As Sylvie bares her fangs and goes into her: "I'll scratch-a your face-a off!" act, he drops to the floor and starts stretching and rolling on it, little by little getting closer to his female opponent. Soon his leg, with all toes and claws extended, lightly touches her, and she blows up, smacking him with lightning speed with her own silver paw! 
Chicken Bone, or Chickie.
     Chickie takes offense at that and goes to the side to lick his shoulder (which, I think, is a form of a feline insult. I saw them do it again and again after confrontations or just before them). Sylvie, who played the damsel in distress to perfection, now does some thorough cleaning herself, but doesn't budge from her spot. Perhaps, she is secretly flattered by Chickie's attention? 
     These two have been living together for ten years. They are no closer to being friends now than they were then. One time, early on, I saw Sylvie stand up on her stumpy little back legs and stick her face close to Chickie's, who slept on the couch at the time. He misunderstood this sign of her wanting to make a closer acquaintance and raised one paw in warning. Whether or not we
Sylvie can be very sweet, but
not on this picture!
thought that Sylvie's effort at play was sufficient, this aggression on Chickie's part put a stop to any further warming of the political climate between them.
Chickie started an original "Occupy!" movement here,
by refusing to leave Hanah's stomach.

     It is sad, really: both of them are bored to death by walking around and sleeping in every room and surface in the house. Except for short spats, like the one I described in the beginning, there is no excitement in their lives. One of them or another would occasionally make a dash for freedom and get out of the door, where they would immediately stop to chew on the grass. I tried to buy them grass to eat, but they paid no attention to it. For them, the grass is really greener on the other side of the door! Eating only a tiny bit is enough to have a very satisfying barfing session, which fills them with pride, and they try to bring us to a little puddle of grossness that they made to share the good news!

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