Monday, January 12, 2015


     A quiet day yesterday. 
images (302×167)     Roberta fell asleep after watching two basketball games. I made her lunch, but she didn't show any indication of waking up, when I called. In a while, Sonny and I made dinner, the shepherd's pie. He loves that dish!
     The evening came. I called Roberta again, and this time she got up, all sleepy-eyed, and sat at the table. I was a bit proud of Sony's and my efforts, so I put a plate with the shepherd's pie and veges in front of her with a flourish. 
  images (259×194)      Roberta is not a complaining sort. She raised her eyebrows, but began to eat eagerly, even making delighted noises. Everyone was happy...
     - "This is very nice "breakfast food"! - she offered. Uh-oh...
     - "What do you mean, Roberta?"
     - "Oh, nothing. I see, you decided to make a change from my usual breakfast oatmeal..."
     Mine and Sonny's jaws dropped. It took me a moment to realize, what was happening and be able to respond.
     - "What time of the day, do you think, this is?" - I asked.
     - "Why, isn't it the morning?"
     - "Umm, no! Don't you remember, you already had your breakfast today. Look outside: its dark."
     - "That doesn't mean anything. What time of the day is it?"
     That happened before. My dad also used to get up from a nap or in the middle of the night and decide, it was the morning and the time to eat breakfast. 
x4AzZrB.gif (245×140)     This time Roberta didn't surrender right away. Again and again she asked, it that was really the evening and what day it was. I was tempted to add to my assurances that, it was also planet Earth, but managed to control my mirth.
     Today she came to the breakfast table wearing a defiant look on her face, just in case, if I was back to my "tricks".
     - "Good morning, how are you, Roberta?"
     - "I'm fine. And this is the morning?!"

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