Friday, May 31, 2013


      Today I'm at a seminar for the Matching Advisers. It is what it sounds like: a teaching opportunity for those who would like to help others find a good match.
   When my sister was 25, my mother became desperate to marry her. Even by standards of those times, the match-maker and the match-making process looked totally weird to us. My sister is 6  years older. When match-makers saw me, their eyes would light up, because it was, obviously easier to match a younger girl. No matter, how strange the process was, or the men that my pour sister had to meet, she finally was introduced to a nice fellow, who still loves and cares fro her, better then my own husband (although, we were also matched). That makes me think that facilitating the marriage introductions is a great way to help those that we care about. 

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