Friday, May 31, 2013


    The seminar on match-making. Easier said then done. The things that spoil the favorable outcome are: the egos, the lack of knowledge of oneself and one's true goals and the unrealistic expectations as well as a million other reasons that we can't or won't control. 
     In the Unification Movement, it’s a tradition to match people in marriage. For about 50 odd years Rev. Moon, the founder of that church, almost single-handedly matched the members of the movement and some other people. He passed that tradition to the parents of the second generation of our church. The problems are many. Its terrifying to, possibly, bring heartbreak to your child. 
     The children themselves are an enigma. Some of them have strong faith in the teachings of the church. Some are not sure, what they believe and want. Others drifted away from their parents' lifestyle and have different levels of commitment. 

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