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Japan will not easily forget us (although, it might try). We took trains to Nagano. It was fun, all six of us, traipsing through the aisles: three women of heroic proportions, two babies and three men who looked like they didn't know, what hit them.
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That's not us, but there is no way to show us! 
My dad was especially interesting to watch, because he didn't know much English or (at all) Japanese. He just let us drag him along. He induced mini heart attacks all around before every train switch, because he  would Invariably disappear into the bathroom or stop to  light a cigarette . At one point, at a stop, we had to run like crazy to the other side of the platform, to catch the next train. He was charged with bringing Sonny on a stroller. As soon as our train stopped, all of us started running, except dad and Sonny. Dad got off, leisurely thumped his pockets for a cigarette box and prepared to light up. If I didn't look back, we'd have left them there.  
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