Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello, sorry to ask again, but the wonderful

actors and producers of a controversial series

Hush are in need of your help. They are trying 

to raise money for their series. Some company 

will give them $ 25,000 if they can raise the 

same amount. They are not asking much, $ 1-5, 

more if you can afford it. If you would like 

to support the cancer research (that's what 

the series are about) please be generous! 

If they don't reach the goal of $ 25,000 by 

June 13, they make none of the money and your 

credit card won't get charged.

Here is a link to Kickstarter campaign  

You can forward it to your friends everywhere 

and help that way too!

I know the actress, Joletta Hardman since she 

was a child. She has high hopes for this 

chance to become famous! Here is a link to see 

some of the series

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