Thursday, October 20, 2016


     I decided, I'll start my own country. Who's with me?
     Let's see: where would we do it? Some island would be the easiest choice!tumblr_lpgluzxbjp1r0ld6io1_1280.gif (600×450)

     Do I want to be the President or the Queen? Perhaps, it should be the parliamentary monarchy. No, then I'll have no say in the way the country is run. On the other hand, I don't want to be involved in every nitty-gritty thing...
     Yes, the parliamentary monarchy it will be!
     Since it's going to need a parliament, I'll need your suggestions to what kind of laws the country will need and how it'll be run. By "your", I mean all of you, my readers! So, put on your thinking caps, "gird your loins" for the courage of your opinions and give me your comments!
     We'll need to create:
1. A country name - that's important. 
2. Constitution.
3. A flag.
4. A country mascot.
5. An anthem (can be a popular song). If I don't get any suggestions, the anthem will be: animated-music-note-image-0041.gif (62×80)"All by my-se-e-elf!"animated-music-note-image-0041.gif (62×80)
     Please feel free to add whatever else this absentminded future monarch can't think about.

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