Monday, October 10, 2016


tumblr_nsq6xdsd3p1qb6v6ro3_500.gif (426×240)     I understand, we want, whom we want in the White House. Bill Clinton is an animal, who attacks and uses women. Hillary, his wife and a present Presidential candidate, is a manipulative, greedy, lawless .... 
     Does that make right Trump's attitude toward women?
Z (289×175)Yeah, he said those things on tape ten years ago. Do you honestly think, he changed his ways since then? All those remarks of his about women being fat, needing to be beautiful to get a job; him petting his adult daughter on the behind during public events... Doesn't it make you a little nauseous? 

Trump-Donald.jpg (550×367)     We all want, what we want. To my remarks on Trump people tell me, how much worse Hillary and Bill are. They tell me, if Hillary is elected into Office, she'll appoint wrong kind of Supreme Court judges, and America will go to Hell. And therefore, it's OK for Trump to be a women-hating, tactless, pimply-adolescent minded jerk. 

     In effect, people practice politics. They sacrifice, what's really important: care and respect for another gender, fairness - to promote a political candidate, who, hopefully, won't disappoint them.                                                                
     It never worked before, you know! Whenever we sacrifice our principles for the sake of practicality, a disaster follows. 

     We can't bargain with the Devil. If we offer him a finger, he'll take the whole arm. We can't betray, what we care about for the sake of what we might want at the moment. 

               Ideology knows the answer before  the question has been                                           asked. Principles are something different: a set of values 
                       that have to be adapted to circumstances 
                            but not compromised away.” 
                                                                                                                                  ― George                                                                                                                                                 Packer

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