Thursday, October 13, 2016


     My ankle is bright orange, and so are parts of the living room carpet. 
     For three days I limp and moan, favoring my aching foot.
I can't really complain: I had a year free of tendon inflammation. I walked without a cane, was free to exercise and shop til' I dropped.
220px-Eucommia-ulmoides.JPG (220×147)     I took Eucommia Leaf Extract supplement. The proof that it works came, when I didn't take it for a few days and ended up in my current state. 
     As I said, my ankle is bright orange. It didn't turn that color because of the pain. Another natural remedy did it: the Turmeric poultice. 
turmeric-spice.jpg (300×231)
     I am still amazed, how well these God-given plants work to help us with pain, sickness,.. housekeeping, etc. Sonny says, turmeric must have a placebo effect on me, but I swear: as soon as he helps me apply it to a swollen, painful joint, I feel relief. It shouldn't be possible because the body needs time to absorb herbal medicine through the skin, but I feel, what I feel!
     What I began to understand is, even though I didn't give much thought to taking Eucommia and didn't have much faith in its healing properties, it still did its job. I took it just in case, but it faithfully worked its magic anyway. 
     Is it so with our Heavenly Father? No matter the amount of attention we pay to Him, He still is with us, right? 
worrying.gif (500×272)     I don't know. The first time I prayed, God rushed into my heart and life, filling me with hope and love. That was many, many years ago. I now often forget to invite God into my daily events. I might worry or feel hopeless about some situations. Why is it not my first instinct to tell God about them? And I find less and less miracles happen in my life.
     Maybe it means, now that I am a little more mature in faith, I should be more responsible for the relationship between Him and me. 
     It isn't a big secret: we need to work on the relationships with those, closest or most important to us.  Loyal spouses, loving children or parents, friends - all need to feel that we also care and are ready to lend a helping hand, when the need for it arises. Without it things fall apart. 
     Surely, I trust God more than some herb to help and to work in my life! I daily take the supplements, believing, they'll be my defense against an attack on my health! 
     What else is there to say? Perhaps He needs me not to just say some perfunctory prayers. I need to feel deep gratitude to my Heavenly Parent for the many times He helped me with His Grace
     That's what I'll try to remember while looking at the orange stains left on my ankle and carpet by Turmeric. 
     Awaken, awaken, my heart! 
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  1. Кстати, а как вы делаете эту примочку, the Turmeric poultice. Не говоря уж ом God

  2. Здравствуйте, Анонимус. Спасибо за ваш комментарий.
    Я смешиваю примерно столовую ложку куркумы с примерно чайной ложкой (или чуть поменьше) растительного масла или воды. Делаю из этого клейкую массу и выкладываю на марлю. Сын прилепляет эту марлю мне на щиколотку с помощью липучей ленты. Этот метод не совершенный, так что Вы мне можете посоветовать, как его улучшить.
    Я не поняла последнюю часть коментария о Боге.
    Спасибо и всего Вам наилучшего!