Thursday, September 3, 2015


A small outing to the stores and a brunch. 
Serina lost her phone recently, so we went to Walmart and got her a very cheap one. We then proceeded to go to have a breakfast/lunch, since we didn't eat anything yet that day.

At a neighbourhood American diner Serina had an opportunity to find out, what split soup and an American turkey burger are! 

The plan was to take Roberta to a Day Spa for her to have a pedicure there. Roberta is 82 years old and things sometimes don't go, as they are planned.
she began to feel ill after taking just a couple of bites of her food and we made a hasty retreat home as soon as we could. 

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Frustrated by seeing his beloved backyard

images (270×187)plants dying in the drought,Taka became obsessed by the idea of "gray water" - a way to transfer and use the water from the household appliences to irrigate the lawn. We asked an acquaintance to come and have a look, but he took too long for Taka's taste to start the work. For a few days now my husband harrasses me with a demand to find a plumber for the job. So, upon returning home, I've been calling the plumbers and making appointments for them to come and give us estimates. Something tells me, it's not going to be just water draining away into the backyard, but quite a lot of our cash too!

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