Thursday, September 17, 2015


Mary's kid
     Roberta fell down and hurt herself on Sunday. On Tuesday we, usually, go to Mary's house to play mahjong. This week I had doubts, whether Roberta would be able to endure more than three hours out of her bed and next to Mary's very energetic and loud ten year old son, who is Roberta's partner in the game. Fortunately, she told me herself: "I don't think, I can stand that much excitement!"
     Serina also begged off from going there, so I went alone. The past week was very stressful, and I looked forward to de-compressing with my friends (more like acquaintances, since we only see each other on that one day a week).
     We just sat down at a mahjong table, when Sonny called. "I have a surprise for you" - he said - "Roberta's grandson came to visit her with his wife!"
     Roberta lives with us for three years. She has a daughter and two grandchildren in our area, who didn't make any attempts to not only see her, but even just to communicate with her. And now this guy chose the moment to come, when she is injured and my house is a mess!
     No, I didn't want to drive back home in a panic, torturing myself with the thoughts of what the visitors might think of us! I stayed at Mary's instead, torturing myself there!
     At home I put my best smile on and went to see Roberta. Her guests were gone already. She said: "I almost fainted, when Aaron came in my door!" 
Aaron is not her grandson from our area! He is the grandson, who lives with his family in Ohio! At first, I thought that, Roberta got confused again, but she was not.
     That was a different story! Although three years is too long for the children and grandchildren to ignore the woman who raised them (Roberta raised five of her grandkids, three of whom take part in this story), still, Aaron had a better reason for it, due to the distance between Ohio and California! I never expected to hear that he was the one who came over! Roberta also told me, they wanted to take us out for breakfast next morning. 
     Aaron and his wife were very nice. They are young and have a two year old boy, Ethan. He is a real charmer! At first he was shy, but eventually, seeing that his parents felt at ease, warmed up to us. He startled us by laughing with a deep voice, whenever we laughed, then began to flirt with Roberta and me, hiding coyly behind the table and then popping up again. All he says yet is: "Ah!!!" for "yes" and "Na!!!" for "no", but he seems to know exactly, what he is talking about!
     In other words, I fell in love! He has the bluest eyes I've ever seen and a disposition of someone, who knows, he is cherished by all.
     We chatted easily, while eating our breakfast. Roberta did well. She allowed me to put a kerchief on her head to hide the injury, so that she wouldn't scare the boy.  But she, I think, might've scared and saddened Aaron,because she often forgot, what she just heard and mixed up the names of her children. How sorry I am for him!
I say, Roberta looks like a mix
 between a buccaneer and Mother Teresa!

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