Sunday, September 6, 2015


What a chaotic day we had! For the last couple of days I cooked and also bought us some food, so the refrigerator was bursting at the seams. Despite that, or, may be, - just bare with me, I wasn't brought up on the conspiracy theories for nothing! - may be - Taka insisted that, we go to the Texas Roadhouse not to show Serina a real American restaurant, as he claimed, but for some other, perverse reason, like to avoid my own cooking!

images (290×174)What can be more American, than the Texas Roadhouse, with a bison's head hanging over the front door and people coping with the stress of tremendously loud country music by crunching on the peanuts they scoop from little tin buckets?images (259×194)

I dealt with it. Food is a great stress-reliever, after all!

I ate my salad before the steak arrived, I swear!

We ended up having a good time. The steaks were nice and tender (if a little too salty). What you see on the next photograph is not people staring at their phones to avoid a conversation: they were, actually, taking pictures of the food and each other, 

as a Native American looked at us from a large poster on the wall.
What would he say about all this food-centered bacchanalia? 

Anyway, kids had a good time. That's the main thing, right?

At home everyone plopped belly-up on the beds and the couches to finish digesting our meals.

In a few hours, however, the guys - Sonny and Taka - decided, they were still hungry and ate the leftovers. Wow!

On an unrelated topic, this is Sylvie, declaring in no uncertain terms her ownership of Serina's shoes and Serina herself. 

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