Thursday, September 3, 2015


It was a movie night! I recorded the Phantom of the Opera and offered Serina to watch it together. She seemed pretty excited to do it!

I explained the setting for the drama, and we continued to enjoy the music and the storyline. 
Roberta walked into the living room. I made place on the couch for her to sit next to me, I watched that film many times already, and Taka's company once, long time ago, when they still thought, they have to woo their talent, bought everyone - and their families - tickets to see that play at a theater in San Francisco.  So, I stopped focusing on the screen and got involved in playing Scrabble online. 

About forty five minutes into the movie and right after the exciting sword fight scene, Serina began to make some discontented sounds. I inquired, if she wanted to stop there and continue watching the movie tomorrow. To my amazement, she wasn't sure if she wanted to continue at all!
I probed a little. I like to please and feel bad, when my offering doesn't meet with approval. Yes, I know, its vain!
It turned out, my poor niece didn't understand, what the film was about! I should've explained it better to her, but her English seems so much better, than Reina's (the sister, who came to study last year)! Once again, I got lolled into complacency by what was on the surface of things, instead of trying to understand another person's real situation!
Being Japanese, Serina felt, she must make more effort! She found the explanation of The Phantom's plot in her own language, for a while read it very seriously and announced to me, that we can continue watching it the next day. 
Precious girl!

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