Wednesday, May 13, 2015



"Occupy!" "Occupy!"
     The movement Occupy Dina has gathered momentum slowly. First there was a lot of sitting by and staring at the crack of the door from where she would emerge. Then - subtle but repetitive mewing and attempts to hypnotize her by looking her straight in the eyes and having my own eyes slowly dilate and decrease in size. When she still didn't respond in a satisfactory manner, it became necessary to deploy some extra persuasive methods. 
     As soon as she sat down by that thing that annoys me so, because Dina spends most of her time staring and petting it's bumpy surface instead of me, I jumped by the side of her and snuggled close. Unthinking, she  put her arm around me and began to quietly scratch my neck. For a few minutes I gave in to the wonderful sensations that her actions elicited in me. Then my superior intellect and will power triumphed over the soft heart and I began the next stage of the "Occupy!" process.
     Stealthily, I climbed into her arms. She murmured something and held me securely while still petting the sides of my face and neck. I could feel that her wrist, where I was leaning, hurt, so I purred and sent some of my healing energy to that spot on her arm.
Next I sprawled across her body, so that she could not see the glowing face of that thing that    images (276×183)    she was playing with. One of her paws pushed the bumps with strange pictures on them for a while, but I took care of it by stretching my paw and putting it softly over her busy one. She responded just as I thought that she would: by cupping my head in that hand and scratching the top of it with one of those funny long toes that the humans have on their  arms. I reveled in my victory and let myself be lost in the pleasure of her caresses.
     My enemy, the male cat who would not join me in this operation, sat by the side of her and eyed me through slitted, jealous eyes.
     What happened?! I closed my eyes for just a couple of minutes, and everything changed. Not that Dina, my charge, dared to move for the fear of disturbing me! But the boy, the plague on my existence, silently managed to approach us and was now talking to her, making her pause in ministrations to me, making her shift her attention to his unworthy self! I saw his long paws reach down to pluck me from my own, my conquered place. In vain, I hissed and growled: he was too strong to resist. I pleaded with Dina with my eyes, but the boy carried me off. Fortunately, I managed to wiggle out of his tight squeeze and, sans any dignity, plopped on the floor.The humans continued to chatter and screech in their silly voices. They didn't notice as I ran behind the couch where Dina sat. Jumping up can be tricky for me since my comfortable life made me fatter, so when I leapt on the top of the couch, it was not a very graceful performance, but my prey hardly noticed it. She looked at me and I looked at her. 
"Occupy!" "Occupy!" 

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