Monday, May 11, 2015


     How was your Mother's Day? Did you give or receive? Did, what your loved ones offer you, make you happy? How happy?
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     Sometimes, the gifts or the way they are offered leave a lot to be desired. I don't know, if others find themselves in that position, but, time to time, I feel, a gift (or a spirit in which it was made) is not, what I would consider adequate. I decide to keep my disappointment to myself usually. 
     When children were small, it was understandable: anything they did, especially, for the sake of their parents, was precious to us. Now I think, once they grew up a little, I might've overdid it a bit on expressing my gratitude for something, to which they, clearly, didn't give much thought. 
     The day before Mother's Day my husband and Sonny took us to a Japanese restaurant to eat. It was nice, I didn't have to cook, and I love Japanese food the most. We had a good time. Sonny and I were chatting happily, when he, suddenly, yelled: "Mommy, Roberta just ate wasabi!" 
    images (300×168) Did you ever have a chance to stick a bit of the super spicy Japanese wasabi in your mouth? It's almost unbearably hot! It can clean your sinuses in a jiffy, if you can tolerate it!               glozell-wasabi-challenge-gone-wrong-o.gif (320×180)
     I asked, how much Roberta took. "Half of this!" - was the reply. "This" was about half the size of a tennis ball, and Roberta is a frail eighty two year old woman, who gets sick eating oatmeal! "I thought, it was avocado!" - she murmured weakly. 
     For the next fifteen minutes the three of us were milling around Roberta, like frightened chickens. She sat pale, doubled over, clutching a plastic bag, supplied by a waitress, in case, if she had to expel the stuff from her stomach. I was afraid, it (the stuff) would go the opposite route and suggested to Roberta to go to the ladies' room, but she didn't budge!
     I noticed, after coming home from the ER the day before: Roberta became more child like. She keeps asking me and needs help with, what she has to wear, do or think. On the other hand, she is more stubborn, than usual. In my experience working with the elderly, they can get a reaction to being in a hospital. Some gentle souls even became belligerent! So, I didn't contradict my poor friend, but tried to make her feel more relaxed.
AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC (314×160)     We made it to the car and home, and Roberta made it to her bathroom without an incident. She is still not herself, when it comes to being independent, and even more forgetful, than before. 
     Yesterday was Sunday. As I promised Taka, we went to the Unification Church' Sunday Service. There was a lot of hugging and wishes of the "Happy Mother's Day!" My Russian friend, Irina,  and her husband, Rafi, were there too. We talked for awhile after the Service. Roberta made rounds with her walker, going to meet the people, whom she knows. That was also different: she, usually, sits calmly and waits for them to come to her. I think, she feels more insecure, than usual.
     After we came home, Sonny took keys and went out on a "mysterious" errand. I knew, of course, that he was about to bring us some flowers for Mother's Day. For the last month Taka keeps talking to me about not consuming much sugar, so I was quite surprised, when Sonny returned with two boxes of chocolates! images (205×246)
     I understand, it's my decision, what I put in my mouth. I'm afraid, I decided poorly this time. To my defense, I was lured into this situation. Roberta opened her box and I opened mine, and now there is little left in either of them!

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