Sunday, May 3, 2015


Here he is, not under sedation yet
A few hectic days came and passed. Taka went for a routine colonoscopy exam. It became so much easier now that, the patients get light sedation at such procedures! For my poor dad, colonoscopy was more difficult to endure than a heart bypass surgery! 
I took Taka to the hospital in the morning and stayed with him, until my presence there was no longer needed. When he goes to doctor even for just a check-up, Taka lies down on a narrow cot in the office, folds his arms on his chest and closes eyes with a look of being resigned to his doom. Here, at the hospital, he also did that, but I had my camera and got him to shake off the gloom for a little bit!
     In a few hours I came back to pick him up. The nurses told me, they were looking for me. I found out that, I managed to leave a wrong phone number, so they couldn't reach me! Well, why should today be different?!
     The most serious question we had to discuss all evening yesterday and also all day today was: what can Taka eat? I don't blame him, he had to fast for a day and a half before the procedure! 
     A miracle happened: Hanah Skyped me in the evening! I wanted to sulk a little because she doesn't have a habit of keeping in touch, but she looked too cute, and my heart melted. 

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