Sunday, May 10, 2015


     Gospodi, pomiluy!
                                       Lord, have mercy!
     I made peace with and am happy to acknowledge all the changes that took place in my relationship with Taka, my husband, although we have a long way to go yet. I am less depressed or prone to drama. All this progress I attribute to God's mercy. 
     At first, actually, I wanted to say: I attribute this progress to starting to write this blog and stories, which I always wanted to do, but didn't have the guts to try. I was also looking for a way to develop my character and understand the reasons for all the problems I have completing the tasks or living up to a standard, which I, myself, uphold. Working with my counselor, Mr. P. and learning just a bit from the Al Anon meetings helped me immeasurably. 
     Still, all of these reasons for my advance as a human being pale in comparison to one fundamental truth and reality: God's Mercy.
     And yet, I complain. My health is poor. I struggle with one thing after another to feel better, but, more often than not, manage to just keep my head above the water. "I can't live like that anymore!" Yet, I hear of people, born without arms and legs, who lead lives, full of gratitude and benefit to others. I hear of the people, who lose everything to disasters or wars. What right do I have to complain about small discomforts in my life?
     We are fortunate people! Not only Heavenly Father does grants us His Mercy, He also imbues us with the sense of hope and the ability to find the right perspective to life. The gifts we have: the Earth, the air, the beauty and goodness of the nature. They are given to us for free! How great it is to come outside after staying home with a sickness and take a breath of fresh air or feel strength in my legs after not being able to move freely! 
     By the Grace of God we exist. But Grace stays alive only if it can flow through us to others. Like a stream feeding a lake, it needs to find an outlet, or the body of water will turn into a rancid bog. 
     Let's bring God's Grace to those around us! Let us be the conduits, the vessels, through whom the humanity and the world can find the ability to live well in harmony, to breathe freely and build into a mighty stream of positive energy to enhance our corner of the Universe!

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